Session List

Presenter(s) Title Session type Themes
Douglas Anthony (Liberty University) "Faith of Our Fathers? Examining style, appropriation and change in congregational song" paper
Alison McLetchie (South Carolina State University)
Francisca Allard (CREDI- The Catholic Institute)
Jill-Ann Walters-Morris (Independent Scholar)
A Call to Praise: Exploring the Music of Peter Telfer and the Mawasi Experience panel 🌎
Avril Landay A Working Paper on Talk and Silence During and Around Music in Worship paper
Heather MacLachlan, Donna Cox, Stefanie Acevedo (University of Dayton) American Gen Z Perspectives on CCM paper 👩🏿‍🏫
Maria Takala-Roszczenko (University of Eastern Finland) Between privilege and guilt: Singing in the Finnish Orthodox Church paper 😷
Mark Porter Changing Ecological Relationships and Christian Musical Innovation paper 🪧
Andrew Janzen (University of Toronto) Christian and Indigenous?: Postsecularism and developing an Ethnomusicology of Indigenous Christianity in Brazil paper 🌎
Martin Clarke (The Open University) Congregation or crowd? Re-imagining music and Welsh identity paper 👩🏿‍🏫
Naomi Heywood (University of Birmingham) Congregational Music as a Facilitator to Health and Well-Being paper 🏥
Jonathan Ottaway (Duke University Divinity School)
Lester Ruth (Duke University Divinity School)
Debbie Wong (Duke University Divinity School)
Constructing a Fuller Historiography of Contemporary Praise & Worship Practices panel
Glenn Stallsmith (Duke University) Contemporary Praise and Worship in the Philippines: Case Studies of Adoption, Adaptation, and Inculturation paper 📚
Elizabeth Preece (University of Bristol) Cultural Capital and the Choir: A study of social stratification and the accumulation of cultural capital within choir schools and the Anglican Church paper 👩🏿‍🏫
Rebecca Uberoi (London School of Theology) Dancing Away Sorrow: Sacred Dance and Wellbeing in a Yoruba Migrant Church 🏥
Daniel Thornton (Alphacrucis College) Disruption or Stasis? The State of the Contemporary Congregational Song Genre in the Wake of COVID-19 paper 😷
Shannan Baker (Baylor University) Divine and Human Action in the Psalms of Praise in Book V: Implications for Church Songs Today paper 📚
Kristy Swift (University of Cincinnati) Drive-in Congregational Music Geographies: Reflections from the Parking Lot paper 😷
Helen Rossil (Dep. of Musiclogy, Uppsala University) Experiencing faith and tradition through the performance of hymns: The Stalwart Jutlanders and “Kingo’s Hymnal” paper 📚
Scott Aniol (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) From Text to Expression: “Fittingness” as a Guideline for Biblically-Informed Worship Music paper 📚
George Pioustin (Jawaharlal Nehru University) From the Movie Theatre to the Church: Vernacularization of the Liturgical Music and Congregational Participation among the Syrian Christians of Malabar paper 📚
Alan Guenther (Briercrest College and Seminary) Good Hymns versus the Devil’s Tunes: Debates in Global Methodist Hymnody in the 19th Century paper 📚
Sirkku Rintamäki (University of the Arts, Helsinki, Finland) Hymnplay paper 📚
Kimberly Arnold (California Baptist University and Southern Nazarene University) In Quest of “The Acceptable Way of Worshipping the True God” : Applying T. David Gordon’s Liturgical Song Criteria to Today’s Worship Practices paper 📚
Adam Perez (Duke Divinity School)
Marcell Silva Steuernagel (Southern Methodist University - Perkins School of Theology)
Maria Cornou (Calvin University)
Inculturation and Religious Identities through Christian Musicking in Latin America panel 🌎
Nancy Graham (Independent Researcher)
Mark Trautman (Episcopal Diocese of Newark)
James Brumm (New Brunswick Theological Seminary)
It Happened at Dunblane panel 📚
Sarah Bereza (Independent) Jesus as Boyfriend/Bridegroom in Criticism and Devotional Practice paper
Renata Yazzie (University of New Mexico) Jesus Woodlą́ą́jí’ Sin: Indigenizing the Navajo Christian Church Through Hymnody paper 🌎
Nathan Myrick (Mercer University) Music and Human Flourishing in Christian Communities paper 🏥
Victoria Dalzell (Independent Scholar) Music Transcription as Intercultural Work: A Case Study of a Hymnbook in Nepal paper 👩🏿‍🏫
Devandre Boonzaaier (Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), South Africa) Musicking at a Moravian Funeral during the Covid-19 Global Pandemic: Arcadia Moravian Church paper 😷
Sarah Kathleen Johnson (University of Notre Dame ) Occasional Religious Practice and Congregational Singing paper
Christina Richter-Ibáñez (University of Tübingen) Oremos cantando? The Song Repertoire of Roman Catholic Parishes along the Upper Rio Paraná at the end of the 20th century – Searching for sources and translation practices paper 🌎
Hansel Augustan (Southeast Asia Bible Seminary, Indonesia) Participation, Performativity, and Hybridity: Ritual Reform and Congregational Singing in Indonesian Chinese-Descent Evangelical Churches paper 👩🏿‍🏫
Pauline Muir (Goldsmiths) Place, People and Pentecostal Habitus paper 🙌
Janice Protopapas (Department of Gurmat Sangeet, Punjabi University, Punjab ) Praise through the pandemic: perspectives on two contemplative approaches to sacred song paper 😷
Golriz Shayani (University of Texas at Austin) Problematizing A Sacred Space: An Investigation of Diasporic Persian Churches in the US Through Christian Worship Music paper 📚
Bo kyung Blenda Im (Yale University)
Cory Hunter (University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music)
Charrise Barron (Brown University)
Racial In/Visibility and the Global Gospel Marketplace panel 🙌
Chia-An (Victor) Tung (Emmanuel College, University of Toronto) Revitalizing Siraya Cultural Identity: Collective Congregational Musicking Within the Musuhapa Activist Movement in Taiwan paper 🪧
Matthew Williams (University of Bristol) Secularisation and Gospel Codes paper 🙌
Maren Marchesini (Carroll College, St. Paul's United Methodist Church) Singing and Praying as Global Citizens: Performing Community Identity through Congregational Music and Liturgy paper 📚
Carl Bear (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies) Singing Christendom into Being: Congregational Singing in Early Medieval Rogation Processions paper
Yee-lok Enoch Lam (Hong Kong Baptist University) Singing the Taboo in Worship: “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord” As a Protest Song in Hong Kong paper 🪧
Scott Connell (First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL/Southern Baptist Theological Seminary/Liberty University) Singing Through the Valley of Death: Congregational Singing during a Pandemic paper 😷
Catherine Williams (Lancaster Theological Seminary) Spirit, Song, and Sermon: A Nexus of Therapy for Black Trauma paper 🏥
Philip Matthias, John Parsons, Toby Whaleboat, Marshall Sailor (University of Newcastle, Australia) The Coming of the Light – maintaining Christian traditions on the mainland paper 🌎
Samuli Korkalainen and Leena Lampinen (Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki) The Greatest Christmas Carols in Finland during the COVID-19 pandemic paper 😷
Shyanee Anabella (Southeast Asia Bible Seminary) The Harmony of Resistance: Reflections on the Traditional-Spiritual Song and A Proposal for Indonesian Congregational Music paper 🪧
Sa Ra Park (Texas State University) The Impact of American Gospel Music in Korea and Attempts of Koreanization: Jukeseo wangisira (주께서 왕이시라, He is the King) by Hyeongseon Rhy paper 🙌
Kiko MATSUHASHI (Tokyo University of the Arts) The integration of German hymns into the Japanese Catholic Churches paper 📚
Barbara Duran (Grup d'Estudis Etnopoètics, University of the Balearic Islands, Institute for Catalan Studies) The Majorcan Easter Chant in 2020 paper 😷
Emily Andrews (Samford University) The Modern Worship “Lifestyle”: Praise, Protest, and Evangelical Ethics paper 🪧
Henk Vogel (Protestant Theological University, Amsterdam) The Power of the Psalms. Evaluating their Meaning in Postsecular Society paper 📚
Violetta Kostka (Academy of Music in Gdańsk, Poland) The theme of Lent. Meaning of Paweł Szymański's 'Miserere' for voices and instruments paper
Johann Buis (Wheaton College, Illinois USA) The Ubuntu Gospel Principle: The “Exotic Other And The Familiar Self” In Search Of Post-Apartheid Gospel Aesthetics Of Transition paper 🙌
Kayleen Bobbitt (Grace Christian University) Three Historical Paradigms: Healing Trauma through Congregational Singing paper 🏥
Chad Houk (Baylor University) Toward an Understanding of the Role of Digital Technology In Orthodox Life and Practice paper 😷
Jip Lensink (Utrecht University) Traditional Tunes Transformed: the postcolonial transposition of indigenous music to the Moluccan Protestant church paper 🌎
Jon Snyder (Baylor University) Traits of Modern Hymnody: How Jaroslav Vajda Developed Genre-Crossing Texts paper 📚
Monique Ingalls (Baylor University) Transforming the Congregational Music Classroom through the Digital Humanities paper 👩🏿‍🏫
Beth Argot (Dallas International University) Trauma and Spirituality: Encouraging Wellbeing and Resilience through Congregational Music paper 🏥
Sarah Amos VENI EMMANUEL: The Appropriation of Plainchant in Hymns Ancient and Modern paper
Michael Huerter (Baylor University) What Sounds at the Core? "Dead Space" and the Psychology of Silence in Musical Worship paper 😷
Tanya Riches (Hillsong College) With God in the Music: Decolonising Pentecostal Temporality paper 🌎
Daniel Johnson (University of Leicester)
Laura Benjamins (Western University)
Joshua Busman (University of North Carolina)
Worship as Formation - Creation, Practice, and Participation panel 👩🏿‍🏫
Fiona Evison (Western University, London, Ontario, Canada) “Sometimes I just crawl under the covers and hide”: Caring by, for, and with congregational music leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic. paper 😷
Anneli Loepp Thiessen (University of Ottawa) “Way Maker” by Sinach and the Issue of Overlooked Authorship in Contemporary Worship Music paper 🙌